The Data Center Technologies (DCT) Division was first established in July 2000. It was previously known as the Network Storage Technology (NST) Division and was renamed to DCT in December 2010. DCT aspires to be at the top of the information management and storage industry value chain by creating and developing innovative technologies and solutions for the data center and storage industry. Research done at the division primarily focuses on five key areas, namely:

  • Next Generation Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Technologies
  • Emerging Disk Storage Systems
  • Distributed Large Scale Storage
  • Data Security
  • Performance Benchmarking and Interoperability

Overview of DCT Research Areas

In the process of achieving its objectives, the division also facilitates the development of the local storage industry through the transfer of expertise, technology and capability. In 2002, the DCT division also established the first vendor-neural Network Storage Laboratory (NSL) in Asia which serves as a premier center to promote research and deployment of interoperable storage networking technologies. The heterogeneous laboratory offers comprehensive facilities and test suites to assist industry partners as well as end users in evaluating and benchmarking storage technologies and solutions.


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