Storage Networking & Interoperability

The Network Storage Laboratory (NSL) was first established in 2002. It was the first vendor-neutral lab in Asia, with the focus to provide facilities and capabilities in network storage technologies, solutions investigations and testings; including proof-of-concept, storage test beds, benchmarking and interoperability, and storage solution demonstrations. Equipped with data-center class infrastructure, this laboratory also facilitates the acceleration and adoption of inter-operable heterogeneous network storage technologies based on open standards. This is accomplished by offering various services and facilities to the industry and universities to support their developmental work such as:

  • Infrastructure planning, setup and troubleshooting for OpenStack cloud solution
  • Big data, NVM systems and storage infrastructure performance benchmarking, analysis and investigation
  • Test bed and Proof of Concept (POC) for emerging data center technologies and new applications
  • Test suites development
  • Technology workshops and demonstrations lab

State of the art Data Center equipment

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