Program Overview

The Motor team researches on electric motors, electric drives and their applications

Research focus

  • Optimal design of HDD spindle motors and voice coils motors
  • FE analysis of motor electromagnetic field
  • Simulation of motor performance and characteristics
  • Sensorless control of permanent magnet motors
  • Self-diagnosis and self-tuning technology for electrical drives
  • Non-contact testing methodology of spindle motors, voice coil motors and hard disk drives
  • Electric power technology
  • Energy storage systems
  • Fault detection and diagnosis for aerospace motor

Research capability

  • Optimal design and simulation of spindle motors and voice coil motors
  • Electromagnetic analysis and synthesis technology including FEM simulation of 3D electromagnetic fields
  • Advanced control of electrical motors and development of motor controllers
  • Non-contact automatic testing systems for spindle motors, voice coil motors and hard disk drives
  • Application of DSPs and power electronics
  • Electric energy storage technology
  • Special purpose motor design and application
  • Rotor dynamic analysis

Optimal design of spindle motors

Design of low profile spindle motor

FEM simulation of electromagnetic field

Vibration analysis of permanent magnet motor through FEM

AIO Test for spindle motor and HDD Testing

Non-contact back EMF measurement of spindle motors with AIO tester system

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