Advanced Recording Media and PMR Extension

Program Overview

The development of the magnetic recording technology was driven by the requirement of continued increase of the recording areal density. The program focuses on developing the technologies to enable the further increase of the areal density. Media material plays a critical role to ensure the ultrahigh areal density recording. The program includes development of the suitable CoPt alloy based recording media to extend the current perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) via dedicated servo layer technology; exploring the advanced media materials such as L10 ordered FePt alloy for next generation of magnetic recording technologies such as heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR).

Research Focus:

PMR extension—media development to enable the dedicated servo technology

To develop the CoCrPt-Oxides based PMR media with dedicated servo layer, achieving a real two-dimensional magnetic recording technology.

  • Design and fabrication dedicated servo layer
  • Microstructure control and optimization of the data layer
  • Areal density gain increase
  • Industry compatible fabrication process development

Schematics of the typical media structure with dedicated servo layer

HAMR media—media development, thermal design and process development

To develop the L10 ordered FePt based granular film with (001) orientation, well isolated small columnar grains (4~7 nm) with small grain size distribution (<10%), and high Ku (> 5×107 erg/cc) for HAMR media application.

  • Texture control of the suitable intermediate layer to induce the growth of the (001) textured FePt thin film
  • Microstructure control of the FePt based granular film via exploring different intermediate layer and doping materials
  • HAMR media layout design with good thermal performance
  • Industry compatible fabrication process development
  • Reduction of the ordering temperature for L10 FePt formation
  • Tc and Tc distribution reduction

TEM images of the granular FePt thin films for HAMR media application

Research capability

DSI has a media centre dedicated to meet the needs of our R&D activities. The media center features many advanced and industry grade equipment for disk media fabrication. One of the highlights include the industry Intevac 200 Lean System which has a total of 20 stations including four heating stations (IR and resistive heaters with temperature up to 800˚C). This system enables us to fabricate both the current CoPt alloy based PMR media and the future advanced magnetic recording media such as L10 ordered FePt. Media center also have all the post-process facilities which allows us to fabricate the flyable disks and to evaluate the R-W performance of the media.

Industry grade Intevac 200 Lean system for media fabrication

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